A Great Goose Island Flight +1

A flight at the Blue Dog contains 4 choices.  Today, they tapped 5 Goose Island beers.  I ordered a flight plus 1 extra sampler size of the 5th beer.

Summertime German Kolsch – 4.7% ABV

Nut Brown – 5.3% ABV

IPA English Style – 5.9%

Matilda- Belgian Pale Ale – 7%

Pere Jacques- Belgian Abbey Ale – 8%

Summertime is crisp and clean with flavors of herbs, fresh cut grass and hops.  It’s very refreshing.  There is a peppery flavor present with a hint of spice.  It feels a bit watered down and it’s very light bodied.

Nut Brown has mild, roasty-toasty grain flavors with malt.  There are English hop notes, as well as slight chocolate and tobacco notes.  It has a balanced hop/malt profile.  It’s smooth and silky texture has a nice moderate carbonation with excellent head and lacing down the glass.  A very subtle brew.

IPA – 55 IBUs.  Styrian, Fuggle, Cascade and Centennial hops provide a fresh, fruity hop flavor with a malt middle.  There is a fine, bitter finish with fruity hoppiness and a piney bite.  It’s lower than average alcohol and IBU may make it easier drinking than a regular American IPA.

Matilda – The spicy, herbal aroma is slightly sour.  It’s yeasty with hints of spices like cinnamon and cloves.  It’s faint, but present.  The carbonation is aggressive with a bit of alcohol heat and great overall texture and drinkability.

Pere Jacques – A big malt Belgian profile with yeast, candi sugar and dark fruit.  Raisin and date flavors present.  Big flavor with a bit of warming alcohol on the tongue.  Great Belgian Double.

My favorite is Matilda, but the flight is the way to go to get some impression of Goose Island’s profile and mission.

Great stuff to seek out  Highly recommended.

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