New Holland – Envious, The Cellar Series

New Holland Brewing Co. – Holland, MI

Envious – Vintage 2010 – The Cellar Series – 7.5% ABV

“Brewed with pear juice, with raspberries added and aged in oak.”

Envious poured brown with a candy apple red hue with dark characteristics.  A head fizzed to life quickly, but dissipated just as fast as it arrived.  There is a tiny bit of observable carbonation and just a narrow ring of bubbles at the top.  Swirling doesn’t create a head.

The aroma is very fruity, having lots of berry-like aromas.  It smells very sweet.  Lots of ripe fruit sugars are present in the aroma.  I also get cooked apples, like applesauce.  The aroma doesn’t resemble any other beer I’ve tasted.

The first sip is not a good start.  The flavor is very bizarre.  A watery mouthfeel doesn’t develop any flavor for a few seconds.  There are hints of fruit that I almost think are over-ripe (as in “rotten”).  The flavor reminds me of mushy strawberries or raspberries that sat in the container too long.  There are no malt flavors.  There are also no hop flavors.  Just an insipid, un-identifiable fruit.  There is a hint of alcohol flavor, but no bite.  It just tastes like alcohol.  Possibly cleaning products?  There are also major oak flavors, but none of the pleasant, vanilla-like flavors that a beer would normally derive from the wood.  Just a woody undertone.  Like chewing on a pencil when I was a kid.

I’m really trying to give Envious the benefit of the doubt, so I’m determined to finish one glass.  I will not be pouring a second and the rest will visit the bottom of my sink and the “Black Hole that is my Drain”.

The carbonation is there, but barely makes its presence known.  The mouth feel is watery with barely any substance or body.  The drinkability is poor because the taste is so bad.  I just don’t want to drink it.

I’m kind of surprised that this made it out of New Holland.  I’ve enjoyed other beers they’ve brewed, but this just tastes like a mistake.  The last few sips of my first glass were unpalatable and got poured down the drain.  What makes it worse is that the 22 oz. bottle was $15 bucks!  What a waste.

This beer is awful!

Overall – F

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