Batemans XXXB Classic Premium Pale Ale

Batemans – England – 1pt., .9oz. – $5.49

 Triple XB – Classic Premium Pale Ale – XXXB – 5% ABV

 Described on the bottle as a copper-red biter with Maris Otter Pale and Crystal malts, combined with wheat malt.  English Goldings and American Liberty hops.  Peppery hop flavor, with ripe vine fruits and biscuity malt flavors.  Goes well with cheese and red meat.  Bottle notes that it’s vegan friendly.

 The pour is certainly a copper-red color just as the bottle describes.  There was a ½ inch head when poured that dissipated quickly to a thin lacy surface coating.

 The aroma is interesting… It’s more malty with a clear undertone of spices.  I’m not too familiar with the “peppery-ness” that is described on the bottle, but I think that is what I’m smelling.  There are also sugar related aromas, caramel in particular.

 Flavor resembles the aroma: mostly malty with a small touch of bterness from the hops.  The hop flavors are different than other pale malts I’ve had previously, as they are neither piney or fruity.  I would have to say that Batemans marketing department did a good job with the ale description on the bottle.  I hate not figuring this out for myself, but the flavor definitely has the peppery notes as described.  One thing I can decide is that this is an interesting and delicious English pale ale.  It is very dry resulting in a pretty refreshing glass of beer.

 High maltiness seems to make it a bit more full-bodied in texture.  Has a nice mouth feel because of that.  More appropriate on cooler evenings like tonight where it’s 60 degrees outside.  If it wasn’t $5.50 a pint, I could make this a sessionable beer to keep in the fridge all the time.

 There is an aftertaste, but it was actually more pleasant than not.  It lingers and encourages another sip.  Thick lacing traced down the inside of the glass as the level went down.

 Overall, a really nice surprise.  It’s not quite what I’m used to as far as pale ales, but I like this variation.  Those Brits can sure make beer.

 Final Score – A-

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