Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Ballast Point Brewing Co.- San Diego, CA – 12 oz.

Sculpin IPA – 7% ABV

Sculpin IPA starts out with a really nice looking pour.  Hazy, golden straw colored with a cream-colored head.  It left lacing down the glass even as the head receded to a thin coating.  Some bubbles are present.  Having had this before, I was looking forward to the first opportunity to review it… which is now.

The aroma is so fruity, this may be the fruitiest IPA I’ve had the pleasure to review.  There are lots of citrus hops and very few pine varieties in the aroma.  Fruit aromas include pineapple, lots of mango and grapefruit.  There’s also a hint of apricot in there, too.  The aroma makes the mouth water.

The flavor has lots of fruit, as well, but the hops are more prominent.  There is certainly a hoppy IPA bitterness, but it’s tempered by the sweet malt and the varieties of hops that were used.  The aroma may have been all fruit aromas, but there are pine notes in the flavor now.  There is also a nice, grassy finish.  Clean and refreshing is the name of the game here.  Excellent flavor!  The bottle that I purchased was definitely fresh.

The mouth feel is nice and light to medium-bodied.  Lots of carbonation, but not too much.  Sculpin’s drinkability is great.  It may be 7% ABV, but I could drink this as a “session” beer.  On tap at my house.  That would be nice.  I wouldn’t let it linger too long because the fresh, fruity hop flavors would probably fade. 

This is an amazing IPA.

Overall: A

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