Dock Street Prisoner of Hell

Dock Street Brewing – Philadelphia, PA

Prisoner of Hell – 10% ABV

On tap at The Blue Dog Pub, Lansdale.

“A Belgian strong golden ale spiced with white and black pepper.”

Prisoner was served in a tulip glass and was pretty cold when it arrived.  I usually let most beers on tap warm up a bit so they can develop their flavor, and did just that here.  The appearance was a hazy, straw-colored pale yellow with just a thin layer of white foam.

The aroma has hints of citrus fruit and yeast.  The spices come out a little bit in the aroma, but not too much.  It may be too cold at first.

The flavor is lemony at the beginning.  There is alcohol in the middle, and the pepper flavors come out at the end.  This ale is clean and crisp with very dry flavors.  The hops are there and have a refreshing bitterness.  The finish is interesting because the pepper is actually present in the flavor.  It’s mostly in the aftertaste, but it brings cool flavors to the party.

The beer is a bit watery for my taste, but I could appreciate it more in the summer when it’s hot outside.  It would definitely be refreshing.  The drinkability is quite high for a 10% ABV brew.

Prisoner of Hell is a cool Belgian brew.  The lemon and pepper flavors blend nicely and make for a refreshing glass of beer.

Overall: B

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