Port Brewing – Midnight Sessions Lager

Port Brewing Co. – San Marcos, CA

Midnight Sessions Lager– 5% ABV– 22oz.

Well, I purchased this to share with my wife because it’s a “lager”.

Unfortunately for her, it’s not a lager in the Yuengling Lager sense of the word.

As I poured it, I realized it was not at all what I expected. Though, “Midnight” should have given me a clue.This thing is Black- Black as night, black as coal. Black, with a nice milk chocolate colored head.

Strangely enough, I had a lot of trouble pouring it into the glass. There was so much carbonation, it foamed half way up the glass. After about 3 minutes, there was enough room to add another inch of beer, only to wait for the foam to settle. The head was as thick as whipped cream, not kidding! You could actually eat it was a spoon. (it’s very tasty that way)

The aroma is like chocolate ice cream and coffee… like Mocha. Better for a colder fall or winter night- which today was not.

The flavor is so malty with a bit of hops. There is some bitterness of the black coffee variety. Roasted malt flavors are the main focus here. The flavor is deep and bold. There are many versions of the caramel and burnt sugar adjectives that I could use to describe it. Also some flavors of baking bread and roasting grains.

The consistency is much thinner than I would have expected, especially since I had preconceived notions based on the thick, creamy head. There is good drinkability, but this brew is much more appropriate for colder days and nights.

Port Brewing does a great job again. Not at all what I originally expected, but a good surprise!

Final Score: A-.

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