Meantime Coffee Porter

Meantime Brewing – London, England

Coffee Porter – 6% ABV  – 11.2 oz.

What a cool bottle.  It’s black with a teardrop shape.  the label is silver on black.  Meantime’s marketing department did a nice job.  Classy.

The beer itself poured dark with lots of red highlights when held up to a light.  A 1/2 inch head faded to a thin coating.

The aroma is all coffee and it smells like they use amazing coffee.  Fresh bean aromas, too.  I’m trying to smell anything but coffee, it seems like they don’t call it a coffee porter for nothing…

The flavor is nice, but not knocking my socks off.  It smelled better than it tastes.  Though, as it heats up, it takes on more English-style beer flavors and subtleties.  A nice smoothness does get my attention, along with a hoppy finish with European hops.  They aren’t like bitter American hops.  More floral and fragrant.  Warmer temperatures really help this porter.

The mouthfeel is another ding against it.  It’s much thinner than I would normally prefer a porter; very light bodied.  The carbonation is fine.

Drinkability is decent, and I could enjoy this for an evening, but I won’t be making it my go-to coffee porter anytime soon.

Overall – B-

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