Belhaven Wee Heavy Scottish Ale

Belhaven Brewery – Dunbar, Scotland

Wee Heavy Scottish Ale– 6.5% ABV – 16.9 oz.

Purchased from Wegmans Warrington, PA on 3/26 for $3.99.

“Rich, deep flavor that derives from the greater proportion of malted barley to hops which characterizes Scottish ales of the 19th century.”

Wee Heavy is a fun name for a good style.  Let’s see how Belhaven fares…

The pour introduces a nice ½ inch head which is tan and thick.  It fades to a thin ring of foam.  The color is brownish red.  Holding the glass up to the light accentuates the reddish hue.

The aroma is a good start.  It fills the nose with bread, a bit of roasted malt, and some brown sugar.  The roasted smell of grain is a prominent aroma.

The flavor is rich and sweet.  The roasted grains are a prominent flavor referring back to the aroma.  This is a very smooth beer.  It tastes like it’s going to be filling.  The all-malt flavor has barely any hint of hops.  I’m sure they’re there, just too subtle to be apparent.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no balance with this beer.  It’s all malt, and I like it.  There is also a mild spiciness in the flavor; hints of cinnamon or cloves, or maybe nutmeg.

Mouth feel is light-medium.  I think I was expecting more body, but this is OK.  Carbonation is perfect.  It’s there, but unobtrusive.  Present for personality.

Even though the ABV is 6.5%, there aren’t any alcohol flavors; it’s an easy drinking brew.  I shouldn’t drink it as a session beer, but I think I want to… A slice of bread in a glass.

Overall – A-

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