Firestone Walker Double Jack Double IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Paso Robles, CA

Double Jack Double IPA – 9.5% ABV

$9.99 for 22 oz.

This was purchased yesterday at The Blue Dog Pub, Lansdale, PA.

Double Jack poured a dark amber with an ample, foamy head one inch high.  The head faded to a lattice of bubbles on the surface of the beer.  There were a few bubbles rising inside the glass.

While looking at the beer, the aroma continued to waft in my direction and it was all hops.  Consequently, I didn’t need to consider the aroma any further.  It contains tons of hops: fruity hops, piney hops, fresh hops… you get the idea.  It smells really hoppy.  The aroma is also fresh and clean.  There is a sizeable malt aroma, but it does take a back seat to those hops.

The first sip almost knocked my socks off.  The flavors of the hops, malt and a nice alcohol bite made for a pretty powerful taste.  You’ll taste the hop flavors first and they range from a nice fruitiness all the way to the mouth-tightening bitter type all within the first sip.  After the initial hops flavors, the maltiness comes into play.  The malt has more of the bread-like qualities, so it’s not sweet, but it’s certainly present.  The finish comes back to the bitterness of the hops with a nice alcohol bite that warms the tongue.  A resinous aftertaste permeates the mouth afterward, along with some residual heat from the alcohol.

At first, the flavors are a bit harsh, but it mellows to a pleasant smoothness around the middle of each sip.  This beer is not at all for the faint-hearted.  A wonderful bite and bitterness are very prominent here.

The mouth feel is full bodied for a double IPA, with an appropriate amount of carbonation.  The drinkability is surprisingly good.  Even though the ABV is 9.5%, I could easily have a couple of these.  And I would definitely purchase it again.

I’m very happy that Firestone Walker has been able to bring their product to Pennsylvania.  This was my first brew from them and it’s a great way to start.  I look forward to trying more of their beer.

Overall – A-

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