Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell Beer – Plzen, Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquell – 4.4% ABV, 12 oz.

“Brewed since 1842”

A local grocery store had a pilsner representative discussing their product on Friday.  Pilsner Urquell had the best swag: an awesome pilsner glass as shown in the photo below.  I took the bait and bought a 6 pack for 10 bucks… free glass!

As they supposedly pour beer in Europe, I made sure the head was large and extended above the rim of the glass.  The head was a monster 2 ½ inches with a billowy texture.  The first thing I noticed was the clarity of this beer.  The color is warm and golden with visible carbonation.  One nice thing about cold-lagered pilsner beers like this is their clarity.  Rarely any floaters, yeast or particles of any kind are seen in the glass.

The aroma is fresh, crisp and grassy.  A tiny bit of hay is in there, as well.  The aroma has a good balance of malt and European hops.  A little bite, but it doesn’t smell bitter.  A very appetizing aroma.

The flavor resembles the aroma with a crisp freshness.  Very smooth and dry, with the hops coming out first, followed by a nice variety of malt flavors.  The hops are clean and grassy, like the aroma.  The malt flavors remind me of fresh bread.  There is a pleasant hint of sourdough: Organic, musty, with just a slight hint of tanginess.

The mouth feel is light and refreshing.  There is a perfect level of carbonation for a pilsner like this.  Drinkability is excellent.  At 4.4%, I could make this a session beer anytime.  If only people would learn about this over an American Macro beer, they would actually learn what a real pilsner tastes like.

This ended up being a really nice pilsner from Pilsner Urquell.  Incidentally, it’s brewed in Plzen, which I guess is a city in the Czech Republic.  Plzen: Pilsner… coincidence?  I think not.

Overall – B+

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