Lindeman’s Faro Lambic

Brouwerij Lindemans – Vlezenbeek, Belgium

Faro Lambic

“Spontaneously fermented, this Lambic has Belgian candi sugar added to produce the traditional, classic Flemish beer found at cafes and bars in Brussels.”

Effervescence pours from the un-corked bottle.  There is a lot of carbonation.  The red-brown beer has a nice, tart-sour aroma.  There are some barnyard aromas, like a horse blanket.  I’m sure that doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s quite awesome.  I also sense some oak notes on the aroma, as well as some vinegar tones from the sourness.

The flavor is surprisingly subtle.  There is an interesting sweet and sour combination that I haven’t tasted before.  It’s unique.  The flavor reminds me of browned sugar that hasn’t reached the caramel stage on the stove.  The tart flavors also mingle with the sugar, like a dance back and forth.  There is also some earthiness and spiciness.

The mouth feel is nice and light, with moderate carbonation.  The drinkability is great.

I would want to serve this with shrimp tempura.  Though, an easier pairing would be some grilled goat cheese with slices of Bosc pears.  Wegman’s has the Faro in stock frequently.  Stop by their awesome cheese monger and grab a higher quality goat cheese, then pass by the produce section and grab the pear.  One stop shop.  Easy appetizer and aperitif.  Worth seeking out.

Overall – B+

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