Voodoo Brewing – 4 Seasons IPA

Voodoo Brewing Co. – Meadville, PA

4 Seasons IPA – 22 oz.

Amber colored as it pours, creates a moderate head that lingers for a while.  There are hints of brown in the color.  There isn’t any visible carbonation, but lots of foam is created with just a quick swirl of the glass.

The aroma has lots of pineapple in the fruity hop profile.  There are light whiffs of pine underlying with a tiny bit of oily resin.  There is also a sweet malt base in the aroma suggesting a good balance of hops and malt.

Bitter and sweet flavors fight it out with this season.  I’m not sure who the winner would be…  The flavor begins with lots of floral notes and a bit of vegetation.  There is an earthiness which is a background idea that materializes slightly.  The first notes of each sip are bitter, then tempered by the sweet malt profile.  There are some hints of caramel sugars in there.  The finish hits with a lingering bitterness and a slight herbal flavor like tobacco.  Oh, and after the bitterness, there’s some more bitterness.  But, I don’t think it’s “too” bitter.  Though, you do have to like hops to be admitted to this party.

The mouth feel is refreshing with a touch of oiliness and a fair amount of carbonation that helps to cut the medium-body of the beer.

Voodoo doesn’t print an ABV on the bottle, so I’m going to peg it at 6.5%.  If it’s higher, it’s easy drinking.  So, drinkability…  Let’s say, “Yes”.

4 Seasons is a nice winter IPA that would have no trouble picking up periodically.  It would be perfect with a New York Strip steak.  It has a bit more caramel notes than average.  And the lingering sweetness would go well with the seared, crisp exterior of the steak.  Throw in some sautéed mushrooms and onions, and I’m golden.

Overall – B+

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