Voodoo Brewing – Love Child

Voodoo Brewing Co. – Meadville, PA

Love Child – 9.5% ABV.  22oz.

“…aged on cherries, raspberries and passion fruit.”

19.5 OG, 2 degrees Plato, 29 IBUs

Love Child poured with no head at all.  Its dark amber color was rather plain looking.  There are a few lines of bubbles rising in the glass.

The aroma is where this starts to get interesting.  The first aroma I sense is the yeast.  The bottle says they use a house triple yeast, so it’s clearly related to Belgian yeast is some way.  Even if it’s only distantly related.  Another light inhale reveals a ton of fruit aromas.  I get the cherries and the passion fruit is very present in the aroma, which surprises me.  I don’t smell the raspberries, yet.

The flavor is full of fruit and yeast and malt.  There’s a lot going on here.  The flavor has each of the 3 fruits vying for control.  One second the raspberries are center stage, and then they fade in favor of the cherries, which then make way for the faint, mild notes of the passion fruit.  There are hints of herbal citrus back there, too.  The bitterness is really low.  I think I taste some hops, but there is so much going on, it might be my imagination.  There is a light malt backbone which helps balance out the fruit.  The beer tastes sweet, but it also finishes quite dry.

One key point with Love Child: when you serve this, I would recommend taking it out of the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before serving.  Consider it like a bottle of wine.  Having it warm up a little really helps develop the flavors.  Human taste buds are less sensitive when something is colder, but that’s a conversation for another time.

The mouth feel is crisp, but not quite effervescent.  The dry finish with lots of carbonation leads to a pleasant result.  We are looking at a medium-bodied brew here.

Drinkability is surprisingly good for a brew of 9.5% ABV.  The alcohol is totally hidden.  I probably shouldn’t drink the whole bomber, bit I’m going to anyway.  Normally, I would share this with my wife because she would really enjoy it.  Sadly, she gave up alcohol this month.  More for me!

I really enjoyed my time with Love Child and I will be buying more.  Voodoo turned out one of my favorite fruit beers.  I know they were going for a fruit ale, and it was a success, BUT… I would LOVE to see them sour this out on oak.  They even mention it on the label!  Maybe in the future.

Overall – B+

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