A Beer Cellar Experiment Gone Wrong…

Warning to all aspiring beer tasters:  If you have been trying your hand at Cellaring beer for future consumption, be careful if you have a bottle of Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel down there.  While creating a brunch menu this morning for Mother’s Day, I thought how appropriate it would be to crack open a bottle of “Brunch Weasel”.  Coffee Stouts often go very well with food served during brunch and we were making brunch.  Worked for me.

For a little bit of back story… Brunch Weasel is an oatmeal coffee stout that is made with the really expensive Vietnamese Ca Phe Chon Coffee beans that have been eaten by a Southeast Asian Civet cat.  The beans are gathered after the civet has “processed” the beans.  So, to be blunt, the cat eats the beans, the cat poops out the beans, then some dude goes through the poop, picks out the beans and sells it as “Gourmet Coffee”.  Yeah, I know it’s weird.

I had heard about the beer in May of 2010 and found it interesting.  Found a bottle and put it in the beer cellar to age.  In March of 2011, I had an opportunity to taste it on tap.  Even though it was very strange, it was pretty damn good beer and the coffee flavor was great.  It made me pretty excited to see how my bottle fared.

Unfortunately, a year of aging completely eliminated the coffee flavors from my bottle.  All that was left was a Imperial Stout with bitter, “off” flavors.  Not even a hint of coffee flavor was present.  The whole point of this particular coffee stout was the coffee flavors.

Obviously, I’m kind of annoyed, but Lesson Learned.  The darn bottle was expensive, too.  What a waste…

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  1. Glad you mentioned the cat! …I’m allergic to cats (and cat poo).

    All the best,

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