Weyerbacher Heresy Stout

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. – Easton, PA

Heresy – 8% ABV, 12 oz., Purchased at the Blue Dog, Lansdale, $2.99

“Imperial Stout aged in oak barrels.”


Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill from Weyerbacher at a non-beer related event.  I was able to taste their Merry Monks Ale and Verboten Belgian.  (even though it was a non-beer related event.)  I happened to have this bottle in my tasting cue and thought it would be appropriate.

So, using my trusty tulip glass, I poured this dark, thick stout.  The color here is black.  I held it up to a pretty bright light and there was only a thin rim of dark brown around the edge.  The espresso colored head came up about 1 ½ inches, and then faded to a then coating of foam after about 5 minutes.

“Thick” is the first adjective I think of for the aroma.  Normally not an aroma adjective, but this stout smells like it’s going to be a heavyweight stout.  Chocolate, coffee and molasses are the first things that jump out right away.  There is a mild smokiness, as well as some roasted malt.

For the flavor, Heresy leans more to the coffee side of things.  Malt and molasses also have a strong character here.  The oak is definitely present along with a nice helping of vanilla bite, presumable a combination of the high ABV and the vanilla notes from the oak.  This is a good stout and I’m definitely enjoying it.  It’s nicely balanced.  The only negative I have is a faint alcohol taste that reminds me of something like rubbing alcohol, possibly from the high ABV.  Luckily, it’s really faint and doesn’t affect the flavor much.

The mouth feel is medium bodied with a perfect level of carbonation.  Drinkability is nice, but I would only have a 12 oz. serving per sitting.  The solution is to enjoy it on numerous sittings.  I’ll definitely have this on hand in the future to enjoy and let others taste.  A really nice stout enhanced by the oak aging.  Also, it’s a great purchase at $2.99.

Overall – B+

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