Spontaneous IPA night…

So, the Russian Imperial Stout is having trouble.  It’s probably salvagable, but it’s not carbonating in the bottles… what a pain in the ass!  Apparently, we could have added some extra yeast when we bottled to ensure good carbonation, but we didn’t know.  We’ll may have to re-bottle in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I decided to do a quick IPA using the home-grown hops from the summer.  I put together a kit from Keystone Homebrew on 309, and adapted it to the ingredients I had on hand.  We’re using 1 ounce of nugget hops, 4 ounces of cascade hops, and I purchased an extra ounce of citra hops for a bit of balance and fruit flavors.  I will be pretty hoppy, but that’s what an IPA is supposed to be.

We started at 8pm, brewed some beer, drank some beer and watched some Tosh.0.  We finally pitched the yeast (tossed it into the beer) at 11pm.  Three hours wasn’t too bad with the amount of distractions we had tonight.  Not too bad for an impromptu brewing night.

The IPA will probably be done way before the Russian Imperial Stout.  It’s a quick stop-gap while we wait for the stout.

We’ll see how it goes!  Stay tuned!

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