Voodoo Black Magick – 2009 Vintage

Voodoo Brewing – Meadville, PA

Black Magick – 15% ABV – 12 oz.


2009 Vintage. 

“Aged in Elaigh Craig 13 1/2 year old Bourbon Barrels for 1 yr”

This was a beer that has been aging in my cellar for almost 2 years.  Since Black Magick is 15% alcohol, I thought it best to share it with a friend.  We each had a 6 ounce serving.

The pour is jet black with a tiny thin rim of brown around the edge of the glass.  There is zero head on this thing!  An energetic swirl barely agitated some bubbles out of it.

Complexity is the focus with the aroma.  There is so much going on in the aroma, it’s hard to describe, but definitely amazing!  Things I noticed included bourbon, chocolate, coffee, vanilla.  It’s a very balanced aroma.

The flavor is fantastic.  There is a lot of bourbon, but it’s not harsh.  I’m amazed that with the huge ABV, it’s not “hot” from the alcohol.  It’s very pleasant.  Other major players are vanilla beans and coffee.  As it warms up, I taste more of the oak characteristics from the barrel aging, along with even more vanilla and bourbon.  The flavor is awesome!  It’s very sweet with a bit of molasses sweetness and tang.

After an increase in temperature, the alcohol does bite back a little, but it only goes so far as to be a bit warming.  Still not too harsh.

There is a medium bodied mouth feel, but it’s not too creamy or viscous.  Since there was no carbonation during the pour, there also isn’t any during a sip.  I can’t say this beer is too drinkable.  As good as it is I wouldn’t want more than 6 ounces in a serving.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.

 I truly can’t say enough about Black Magick!  It’s an amazing beer that happens to be offered every other year.  When I taste an aged stout, this is what I want.  Its complex flavors bring lots of ingredients to mind, particularly bourbon, vanilla and coffee.  I’m stunned that the 15% alcohol is as subtle as it is.  It’s very deceptive and delicious.

Voodoo Brewing’s website states it’s brewed every 2 years.  So, if I purchased my bottle in 2009, and assuming it was bottled in 2009, then logic dictates that 2 years later would be 2011!  And knowing that it’s now 2011, then it’s safe to say that if the website is correct, we may possibly expect a batch of Black Magick this year.  That is an excellent prospect, indeed!

Overall: A+

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