Belgian White Bottling Day

Tonight was the night we bottled our second batch of home-brewed beer. This batch was a Belgian White that was brewed almost three weeks ago.  Usually, a brewer would bottle the fermented beer after about two weeks, but work and life got in the way.  The process went much smoother than the first bottling night, which wasn’t bad to begin with.

Generally, there are two steps: clean and sanitize all of the equipment and bottles, then put the beer in the sanitized bottles. Preparation takes longer than the actual bottling process.

We ended up using six 32 oz. pop-top bottles, twelve 12 oz. pop-top bottles and eleven 22 oz. bottles that we had to cap by hand.

I think the total process tonight took less than two hours. Pretty good, and about a half-hour better than bottling our first batch.

As you can see in the photos, the fermented beer looks nasty in the fermenting bucket. The two brown rings above the liquid are globs of yeast that were deposited as the beer bubbled in the fermenter. Luckily, it smelled exactly the way it was supposed to.

As unpleasant as it looks, we’re expecting it to taste darn good. People often forget that beer “grows” from gas produced by the yeast eating the sugar. Quite like “liquid bread”.

I’ll probably crack the first bottle two weeks from today. Photos will be provided, along with an honest review of the finished product.

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  1. Exciting! If it turns out well, I might want to, uh, contribute to your next venture to get a bottle for Steve to try, if that’s possible. He likes wheat beers. 🙂

  2. I have decided that my next 2 beers to brew will be Heffeweizen and Oktoberfest. Should be getting started in a few weeks. Have to finish the Weizenbock first to get a keg to fill. Like the blog keep it up! Germany trip fell through but will still be out for a visit.

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