Beer Review: Alesmith IPA

Alesmith Brewing Company.  San Diego, CA

Alesmith IPA.  7.25% ABV.  1pt. 6oz. bottle.

Served in a 16 oz. pint glass, and enjoyed on an evening when it’s 94 degrees at 7:30pm. Crazy!

I got an accidental whiff of this while pouring and it smells great. The color is deep golden, almost amber, with a dense, foamy, off-white head. There is plenty of carbonation in the glass.

The aroma is very nice: very hoppy, but mostly of the citrus varieties. There is just a hint of piney bitterness. Some malt in the aroma, as well.

The flavor is nice and refreshing for a hot day. Very big and bold flavors, but the flavor profile is different than the aroma led me to believe. A bit of citrus, but more of the pine variety of hops. It has some sweetness from the malt, which then takes a back seat to the bitter finish… nice! It’s also on the dry side. Pretty high on the bitterness scale. Definitely for “Hop Heads”, and not for the faint of heart.

Fantastic mouth is more medium to full-bodied. It’s definitely not watery. This is a really good IPA. I could enjoy this often, especially in the heat… very refreshing!

Final Score- A-

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